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Providing Website Development Solution!

As a primary focus of Devweb technology business strategy, we provide comprehensive on-demand web development solutions for mid-sized businesses. Solution means developing web sites that not only have unique look, professional design and easy navigation. Solution also implies delivering web sites with integrated application business logic’s, which streamlines your critical business processes.

Your Business Brand Making Website Development

Besides web designing and multiple other things that we are experts at, we also know how to create tailor-fit web apps for your business requirements. asp.net, PHP, Node.js, Django- you name it and we have got it covered. Custom website development is our unique selling point, where most of the web development companies fail to deliver a fully functional interface and user experience rich website, Devweb Technology undertakes the task and matches the client’s expectations. We make sure that the process of developing the website follows best practises. Minimum Html code, minimum CSS, minimum JavaScript is required for a faster loading website. Being the most advanced web development company in Rajkot Gujarat, we are bound to deliver a comprehensively developed website. We also provide extensive support to your website post the development phase with our website maintenance program to keep it up-to-date and protected from hackers.

We focus on some very basic rules of web development services

  • Mobile Responsive Design
  • User Friendly
  • Cross browser compatibility is also an important thing we look upto and also provide mobile-ready version of the website.
  • We also consider security a very important subject. So we make sure there is no identity theft or tapping of e-communication. We also believe in social media integrity.
  • The very basic thing is building rational sitemap. This helps easy navigation of website.
  • he last things are like the cherry topped on to the ice cream such as grand images, flash and music, which we believe are essential for good website

Website maintenance cost:

As each customer’s requirement differs, we don’t have website maintenance packages offering fixed monthly pricing. The costing usually depends on your job description, number of personnel we allocate and their expertise.

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